VertoNova Analytical Provides Innovative Solutions for the World of Molecular Diagnostics

VertoNova scientists have pioneered a radical new mass spectrometry (“MS”) approach that allows for the accurate measurement and high-resolution imaging of analytes within heterogeneous samples.

Conventional MS systems do not allow for precise de facto quantification of specific species of interest within complex samples due to signal suppression.

VertoNova’s technology, referred to as DIVE-PI (desorption by impulsive, vibrational excitation coupled with photo-ionization), overcomes this limitation by decoupling desorption (e.g., vaporization) and ionization, and by desorbing targeted molecules using a specialized infrared laser. Such “cold laser” technology is ideal for this application due to the fact that it can vaporize analytes without excess heat transfer or damage to the analytes. Combined with photo-ionization, an inherently quantitative ionization method, it provides a quantitative ion source for MS for the first time.

potential applications of the dive-pi technology include:

Biodiagnostics: quantitative and high-resolution analysis of complex biological samples
Environmental analyses: detailed metal ion analyses from polluted samples to produce clear speciation information
Image-guided surgery: VertoNova is developing a SMART laser scalpel which will allow surgeons to receive feedback on the molecular fingerprint of the tissue they are incising in real-time
Molecular Imaging: accurate chemical maps of tissue sections can be created and assessed, providing simultaneous localization and quantification of individual molecules within the tissue.

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Notable technical features of the dive-pi technology include:

• Full multiplexing capabilities
• Minimal sample consumption with micro-chip technology
• Simplification of analysis by eliminating the need for extensive pre-separation of analyte of interest from complex samples
• Obviates need for costly labeling strategies to obtain quantitative measurements 

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